Friday, 30 January 2015

Jukebox jury

Coming this April is this rather fabulous show! Complete freestyle/improvisation burlesque to live music!! Ran by the stunning Khandie Khisses and the show really has some amazing ladies performing.

If you are in Birmingham then look into going to this!

Tickets are on sale on the roadhouse website! 

Monday, 5 January 2015

Performing over the last year

Another year gone, it's been a busy one. Can't wait for this year as it will be full of surprises! New acts and skills to be learnt , but for the mean time here are some photos from last year. It also depicts times when I was expecting through to postpartum. (I was still performing up till the little one was born as I was actually booked to perform the day she was born. Call me crazy). The photos are chronological and live. 

All photos are copyrighted mind. See you soon!

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Corsets n cabaret

I'm back on the horse, having performed at numerous shows this year (dark revue, infinitease, etc) I am happy to announce my next show and this my new act which will be debuted then!

What a line up! See you there

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Breaking the silence

It has just occurred to me that I have been rather quiet on here but in reality I have been fair from that. I ran another show in February and have performed in numerous others. 

After a short break of a month I am back in the saddle and performing again. To celebrate this I have a new act in the works and it will be my biggest one yet, both in costume, work, choreography and props. look out world, here I come! 

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Frosty Belles and Whistles

I am pleased to announce that I am running a brand new burlesque night. In fact this one is an all day event.
We have fabulous burlesque and boylesque, oh yes we have pretty boys for you to oogle to.
Great lineup of steampunk influences bands including the rather astounding Professor Elemental.
 Also stalls galore and wonderful cabaret artists. Why not come and indulge in a day of fantasy, comedy and festive fun.

Featuring our rather talented performers;

Raven Noir
Sir Midnight Blues
Liberty Chimes
Carrie Couture
Didi Curv'e
Pixie Amore
Nenedhel Absynthium
Venus Starr
Count Chronos Morté
Vixen Von Doom
Near Miss DiZaster

Our host and wonderful Compere with some surprises up his sleeve Jacques Bruxelles

And that's not all,

We have live music and bands

Our lovely cabaret Artists -
April Lindsay

For your listening pleasure we are proud to present the wonderful;
Crimson Clocks
BB Blackdog

and last but certainly not least we are proud to present; The one, the only,

Professor Elemental

this event is at the roadhouse in Birmingham
you can find the event information on

Hope to see you there


Monday, 1 July 2013

Quick update

I guess I have been a little too busy to update this very much. However that does not mean I have been lax with my burlesque, oh no my dears.

My newest act has been debuted and well it went down a storm at Heresy 'N' Heels alternative burlesque fair in Birmingham! On top of that you will now see me perform regularly at their events. I'm so excited, it's such an amazing event.

recently I have done some charity shows, one of which was Bonobo burlesque Bonanza in London which was nice, really lovely people.

Like I Said just a short update. I have some new acts coming up really soon and a few shows including some more which I am running.

  See you all soon lovely people

Monday, 22 April 2013

Battle of Burlesque South!

Excited, Excited, Excited! Can you all tell that I'm EXCITED?!?

*Ahem* anyway I am pleased to announce that I am taking part in South Coast Burlesque. Its a battle of Burlesque competition. Yay!

It's all fun at the end of the day, with so many wonderful ladies performing I doubt I'll place but I intend to enjoy the experiance nonetheless.

I'm performing a brand spanking new act so I'm being rather daring with this one :) wish me luck.

Here is the even below South Coast Showcase